"Testing 123"

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A reminder that a link to my personal account has been added on Ships homepage, for those who want it. Or you can just click this link.

See you around!

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Alright, so as to avoid any confusion I’ve broken down an made a personal account and shall be doing my derps on there.

Ship shut up no you may not talk on the phone.

Also no skype or anything tonight bc not my computer.


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I wish none of you were sad

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Our Farewell (Part I)


(Blewuptheship) Commander:  When the message he compiled for his alternate was unable to go through, Starscream knew something was off. Attempting to send it via an alternate path meets resistance and static, as if the channel was broken or non-existant. Believing it was an issue with his long-range communications, the Commander makes his way to Buildup for repair.

«Commander? Something’s wrong with the comm-line!»

Stopping in this tracks, he takes a cycle to comprehend the concern, a frown growing on his lips.

«Please clarify, Zenith.»

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Part II

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Another Adventure Awaits

I really feel like I’ve hit a wall with Starscream (and by proxy his son). With longer and longer stretches of in-activity as ample evidence of this, and several failed attempts to re-ignite my inspiration and fire for him, its time to turn in the towel for the time being.

I feel the need to instead start fresh and test the waters with other characters/origins/etc and search for that something that fulfills the fire and consistent attention that this blog currently lacks. Experiment with the type of RP blog I run, how much flexibility there is in terms of interaction and setting. With Starscream’s personality, I’ve somewhat written him into a wall by having him achieve so much: currently he doesn’t require anyone elses’ assistance or power and has managed to seclude himself from new people and contacts. NPCs consist of most of his necessary daily conflict and conversation, his work restoring his Cybertron not something he can practically (or willingly) share with the Multiverse.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s stuck with me and Starscream (and more recently his son) for so long. Even more to those who’ve become good friends to me and that the snarky bastard or enjoyed interacting with him. It’s been an awesome and crazy adventure, and it pains me to see it coming to what could be called an end. I cant really call it that though, because this story will certainly be followed by another, and there is no telling what will become of that. :)

That said, I love you guys so much! I’ll be sure to leave some links to whatever experimental blogs I concoct for those interested, so don’t be afraid to hit me up on them or on skype/whatever.

I’ll see you all around,

"Commander"-mun out

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Surgical gnawing

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Various posters and covers for The Iron Giant

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A Void In Space That Matters

A Supervoid.

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Cities of Cybertron - Kaon
Megatron Origin (2007).

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